Jacob+Amber: Fargo Wedding Video

Amber and Jacob

Amber Willenburg and Jacob Mischel’s wedding day

Amber and Jacob

What do you call a couple who had three different vendors retire/quit on them? Nervous. In the fall months before their wedding their cake baker quit, the limo company retired, and they went through a few different banquet managers at the hotel.

Animated GIF

Fortunately the wedding day itself went pretty smoothly. I had some trouble with a new drone, but it didn’t stop me from getting the one shot I really wanted. I also dropped a camera, breaking a lens, which makes me immensely sad since its my favorite, but we soldier on.

Amber and Jacob’s story is cute, with them meeting in 7th grade and starting to date in 10th and only one real bump in the road when Amber originally asked Jacob on a date and he said no. Oops.

Below you can see any of their wedding videos…

New Website

Slowly but surely the new website is coming along and blog posts of older weddings will keep appearing to fill things out.

I’m trying out a new pricing structure, allowing couples to hire me for as little as only the ceremony or as much as 10+ hours of the day, including the option to change their package at any time leading up to the wedding.

Mollie the Dog

Erikka+Kyle: Fargo Wedding Video

Erikka and Kyles 1st dance

Erikka Holmes and Kyle Shoman

Erikka and Kyles 1st dance

Chilly but not so cold that Erikka didn’t head outside for pictures in a sleeveless dress. The good news is that in the drone shot you see at the end of the video, a warm car is sitting *just* out of frame for them to hop into the second that clip ended.

A footnote from the ceremony: if you’re going to have lit candles in the aisle (or even just vases that are easily knocked over), make certain the aisle is wide enough for 2 people when one of them is wearing a dress with a train.

The reception featured lovely decorations, Sandy’s donuts, and a photo booth inside a camper.

erikka and kyle photo booth

Sheila+Nate: Minnesota wedding video

nate and sheila's cake topper

Sheila Evans and Nate Overland wedding

Nate and Sheila's 1st look
  • Saturday, August 25th, 2018
  • Ceremony: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Perham, Minnesota
  • Reception: Thumper Pond Resort, Ottertail, Minnesota
  • Photographer: Cloud Nine

A perfect day sunny day with some clouds. Nate and Sheila are just a little older than my average couple getting married. Their story really is a lovely one. They met by chance, living hundreds of miles apart, over the holidays a few years ago and have hardly been apart since.

It won’t take sharp eyes to catch a view of the guy flying one of those fan/parachute contraptions while we were doing the 1 st look.

Nate loves to go for the joke but the man definitely knows how to be thoughtful and charming, too. Both of them were sincere and caring for each other and it really shows in their letters and just throughout the entire day.

Lacey Nelson and Joseph Dlugos

Saturday, June 30th, 2018
Photographer: Nick Friesen
Reception: Colonel Hankinson’s Historic Barn

Lacey and Joe Dlugos

A warm, sunny day for Joe and Lacey down in Hankinson, North Dakota.  Its a classic rustic barn setup so when we arrived there must have been 25 people getting ready in the stunning (and enormous) house.  Lovely for them, but not if you’d like to quietly film a bride and groom reading the amazing letters they wrote for each other.

This lead to one of my favorite moments this summer: Lacey and Joe sneaking back into the house after the ceremony, no one else allowed, to exchange their letters and some gifts.  Then the photographer and I left and they got to enjoy some time, just the two of them in the midst of a busy day.

Be sure to catch Grandma giving me a quick wink at just before the 6 minute mark.

Kelsey and Jacob’s Wedding

Sunday, May 27th, 2018
Photographer: Kensie Wallner
Dance: DownTown Horns
Reception: Milt’s Barn

Kelsey and Jacob Johnson

My first time to Milt’s Barn and it was a gorgeous day.  Its hard to describe just how many dragonflies there are, buzzing about, but you if you pay attention you can really notice them during the 1st look.  If you think that’s a bad thing, no no no… there wasn’t a single mosquito to be found all day.

Today was a little different.  Kelsey and JJ didn’t have me stay for the reception.  Instead, I arrived for them getting ready, their letters to each other, and a 1st look.

And the letters were lovely.  Each clearly was invested and spent time preparing for the day.

The ceremony featured Kelsey’s grandpa singing (not in the highlight – only in their wedding ceremony video).

Robb+Duane: Grand Forks Wedding Video

Robb and Duane's ceremony

Robb Tuma and Duane Cook’s wedding day

Robb and Duane pop champagne
Popping Champagne

Sunday, December 31st, 2017
Photographer: Shawna Noel
Reception: Alerus Center, Grand Forks
Ceremony: Calvary Lutheran Church, Grand Forks

A bitter cold night buoyed by the charm and majesty of the event. Duane and Robb’s wedding was the 1st same sex service ever performed at Calvary Lutheran. The decorations were amazing, only eclipsed by the vows they wrote for each other.

I am a sucker for a balloon drop.

Alison+Rob: Barn at Five Lakes wedding video

Alison and Rob's wedding day

Alison Grafsgaard and Robert Fafinski

Minnesota Wedding Video

  • Saturday, September 30th, 2017
  • Photographer: Emily Alexander
  • Dance: Silverado Band
  • Reception: Barn at Five Lakes
  • Dress: Justin Alexander
  • Flowers: Ditch Picker
Rob's notes for Ali
  • Oh, my what a day.  A little rain, a little heat, but mostly it was just beautiful.  Rob surprised Alison with a bunch of notes in envelopes, labeled for different moments of the day.  For instance: Open if (when) you get nervous.  Needless to say it was a big hit with Ali.

I was with the couple all day, and did film their getting ready, but ended up not having it their short highlight because it felt like they’d want more family and friends included, instead of just focusing on the bride and groom.  (and they do see everything else in their other videos).

So, how many complete and total crying moments were there?  Hmmm… Ali when she read the first note from Rob; everyone when Ali had a first look with her bridesmaids and then read a note from Rob to them; Ali and her dad when they saw each other the first time (in the video).  Shockingly, Ali and Rob kept it together when they saw each other at the ceremony.  I was surprised (he did need a tissue for a moment – you see him tuck it back in his pocket as she walk down the aisle).

The dance was great – absolutely packed and still going when I left after an hour or two.  Speeches after dinner were 45 minutes long and, yet, somehow didn’t *feel* long.  One note: the tent was dark (candlelight levels), so I used my lights on Rob, Ali, and whomever was speaking so it’d look good on film.