Wedding Video

Wedding Video Pricing and Options

I’m a fan of offering flexibility and options. Only you can decide what kind of wedding video (or videos) you’re going to enjoy. I always include a video of the entire ceremony, the way it happened, but if you want to experience how the day felt, you’ll need a highlight video.

Just below the prices is an example of a complete wedding – I was there all day so it was the $2000 option. If you click on ‘The Ceremony’ you can see what you’d receive from the ‘Ceremony Only Film – $500’ option.

  • Ceremony Only Film – $500
  • Ceremony + Reception until After 1st Dance – $1000 total
  • Ceremony + Reception and Add a Highlight Video – $1500 total
  • Add the 1st Look and other moments from before the ceremony $2000 total
An example of a complete wedding, filming all day

I ALWAYS film with multiple cameras and with hidden microphones.  This is to try and ensure the best view of all the important moments and so that you can, you know, actually hear what people are saying (like the vows… that really bugs me when videographers don’t bother with things like the vows… OK, rant over).

Prices do not include travel and related expenses for locations outside of the Red River Valley of the North.

Yes, I am an FAA licensed drone pilot.  The drone is included when filming all day and weather, location, and time permit.